Request new certificate

If you need to request a new certificate you use the function to make a new request. The types of certificates you can request depends on your privileges.

After making a request, your request is sent for approval, or if you have enough privileges is approved immediately.

When a request has been submitted for approval, you will be given a requestID. Save this requestID and use it to check the status of your request.

Status of a certificate request

When you want to see the status of a request you have submitted. You can enter your requestID. If the request is not yet approved you will be provided with a status message.

If you request has been approved you will be given the ability to finalize your request, which means retrieving the certificate for download.

Revoke existing certificate

Search for Certificates

In order to revoke a certificate you first find the certificate you want to revoke using the Search function.

Once the certificate is found you can request revocation, which happens immediately if you have this privilege while looking at the certificate details.